I'm Not Here To Whisk You Away On Flights Of Fancy

While I am all about challenging the norm and thinking out of the box, I built The Buzz Network around the principle of creative thinking existing as one with concrete execution.

Since 2008, The Buzz Network has been helping businesses that are looking to build their brands and effectively target their segments by creating compelling content that resonates with their target audiences. I leverage on insight-driven marketing to meet business objectives, be they branding, acquisition or retention goals.


The Principles of The Buzz Network


Building trust with my clients, being accountable and holding myself to high standards of execution is what drives me.


The desire to be inventive runs through my veins. My curiosity and enthusiasm lead me to think of better ways to meet client's objectives, always.


On target, on time and on budget. Not just a catchphrase for me, I am laser-focused on the end goal and a stickler for deadlines.


A customer-first approach guides me in everything I do. I seek to fully understand their needs before developing any strategies or plans.

All that, with a little fun thrown in, of course!

Your turn to make a move

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